Labor Council for Latin American Advancement

LCLAA is a national organization representing the interests of approximately 2 million Latino/a trade unionists throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. 

LCLAA was founded in 1972 by local Latino trade union committees to promote participation by Hispanic trade unionists in a more responsive labor movement. LCLAA builds political empowerment of the Latino family, supports economic and social justice for all workers, and promotes greater cultural diversity at the workplace. The challenge for LCLAA is to bring union members together in solidarity regardless of race or ethnicity With 65 chapters throughout the country and Puerto Rico, LCLAA members engage in different creative programs that promote political empowerment cultural pride, and economic development of Latino workers and their families. 

LCLAA provides a voice for Latino working families nationally. In this effort LCLAA workers in coalition with other leading Hispanic organizations to maximize support for economic and social policies that are essential to advancing the interests of Hispanics. LCLAA also works with these organizations to combat legislation that poses a threat to the Latino community. 

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