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$15 and Full Time for ALL Workers Rally and March

Where: Peck Park, Bush and E. Kirby in Detroit's Culutral Center/ There is parking in the DIA for $7, but at theat time of day you may be able to find free parking on the street. We will gather for a rally and march around Wayne State University Campus.

Why: FIGHT FOR $15- the fight for $15 is a fight for gender pay gap equality, racial justice, union rights and equal opportunity For every hard-working, minimum wage worker who dreams of a better future for their family-- and for every person who believes that is a dream worth fighting for, this is it! It's a fight for what is right. This is the day to be louder, stronger, and more united than we've ever been.

Organizations in Detroit and cities across the United states will stand together and yell, "ENOUGH!" All of us: fast food cashiers and cooks, home care and childcare providers, college and university faculty, retail employees, airport worker, factory workers, service workers, restaurant workers, health care workers, truck drivers, construction workers, warehouse workers, public employees, Head Start and day care teachers, and anyone who believes in standing up for the rights of workers.

Earlier Event: April 14
Executive Board Meeting