Election Report

Now that we are a week out from Election Day we have had time to dig into the numbers and outcomes from the August 8th primary election. What we have found is that the City of Detroit had over a 4% drop in voter turnout in this year’s primary compared to the 2013 City Primary Elections. We then looked at how 2017 stacked up against the 2009 voter turnout numbers and even then there was still over a 3% drop in voter turnout in the City of Detroit. Although turn out was low the Metro Detroit AFL-CIO ran a mostly successful political operation throughout targeted areas within the City of Detroit.

For the City of Detroit endorsed candidates the Metro Detroit AFL-CIO saw all but two of it’s endorsed candidates move on to the general election in November. Mayor Mike Duggan won with over 67% of the vote in the Mayor’s primary race. Council Woman Janee Ayers and Council Woman Brenda Jones both moved on as the top two vote getters in the City Council At Large primary. Council Woman Mary Sheffield did not have a primary race so her race did not appear on the August ballot but will be on the November ballot. Councilman Gabe Leland was also successful in his primary as he was also the lead vote getter in District 7’s primary race.

Wayne County saw 14.63% of eligible voters turning out to vote in primaries throughout Wayne County. Although turnout was still lower than hoped the Metro Detroit AFL-CIO’s endorsed candidates who faced primary races were all successful and will be moving on to the general election in November. John O’Reilly Jr. was victorious and was the top vote getter receiving 44% of the vote. Lisa Hicks-Clayton will move on to the November election as she fights to become the next Mayor of Dearborn Heights.

Oakland County, which only had elections in the City of Pontiac, saw turnout reach only 11.53%.  Although the Metro Detroit AFL-CIO has endorsed candidates in Oakland County none of them were required to run in a primary election.

Macomb County saw turnout hit 14.7% this year throughout the entire county. In Macomb County the Metro Detroit AFL-CIO’s lone endorsed candidate for St. Clair Shores City Council, Jim Lewis, will be moving on to face 5 others in a bid to become 1 of 3 City Councilors who will be elected this year in St. Clair Shores.