Let's keep up the momentum against the unfair water crisis in Detroit!

Detroit showed the nation and the world our solidarity as the massive protest last week on Friday against water shut-offs made international headlines. We are making a difference- yesterday the city announced that shutoffs would be halted for fifteen days. 

At Friday's rally organized by National Nurses United (NNU), thousands marched through the streets of Detroit to demand an end to the shutoffs and that water be restored. 

Metro Detroit AFL-CIO President Rick Blocker said that "The brief moratorium is good news but this fight is far from over. Thousands are still without water and many more at risk of shut-off. Moreover, this is an unnecessary manufactured crisis. We need leaders who are focused on the people of Detroit, not pushing an unfair agenda of outsourcing critical public services."

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's designated emergency manager Kevin Orr has been enforcing the Detroit water shutoffs along with the privatization of our public water. During the march, thousands carried signs and chanted to call out the Wall Street interests and CEOs who are funding Snyder and his outsourcing agenda. 

Now is the time to work together to elect leaders who will work for the people of Detroit, not just CEOs and special interests. Come join us on Wednesday, July 30th from 5:30PM - 7:30PM at the Dearborn Federation of Teachers to launch our Wayne County Campaign to win in 2014! Pizza and appetizers will be served. Please click here to RSVP.