Metro Detroit AFL-CIO Recommends No Vote on Both Detroit Community Benefits Proposals

City Council Should Work Together to Create a Better Ordinance that will Protect Good Jobs and Strong Communities

Contact: Rick Blocker, President, 313-961-0800

DETROIT-- Detroit residents will be presented with two competing community benefits ordinances on the November ballot. The Metro Detroit AFL-CIO urges its members and allies to vote no on both.

The Metro and our affiliated unions have supported community benefits for years, in particular supporting the negotiation of community benefits agreements on construction projects across the city--from the new bridge in Southwest Detroit to Henry Ford Hospital’s expansion in the West Grand Boulevard neighborhood to the proposed redevelopment of the State Fairgrounds. Because of the long-term importance of making sure our city and region grow together, we worked with partners from the faith, neighborhood, and environmental communities to create Doing Development Differently in Metro Detroit (D4) to support coalitions working to create “win-win” projects that ensure host communities share in the benefits of development. 

We recognize the positive efforts of the community activists and City Council members who have crafted Proposals A and B; however, we believe both proposals are flawed and would create unintended consequences for working class Detroiters. 

Therefore, we urge Detroit voters to vote no on both Proposal A and B. Following a no vote, we urge City Council to work together with labor, community, and business partners to craft a new community benefits ordinance that will truly create the “win-win” projects we all want to see.


Michigan AFL-CIO Endorses Candidates for 2016 Election


News from the Michigan AFL-CIO


June 23, 2016

Contact: Zack Pohl, 517-980-6190,

LANSING – Today the Michigan AFL-CIO announced endorsements in races for the Michigan House of Representatives, Michigan Senate, and U.S. House of Representatives. The endorsements were voted on by the Michigan AFL-CIO’s Executive Council this afternoon.


“Michigan needs leaders who will wake up every day fighting to make our economy work for everyone,” said Ron Bieber, President of the Michigan AFL-CIO. “That’s why we’re proud to support these candidates for public office in 2016. Each one of them has demonstrated a strong commitment to fighting for good jobs, strong wages, and a quality education for every student in Michigan. The Michigan AFL-CIO and our affiliates are ready to mobilize our members and get to work in every corner of the state to win these important races in November.”


Endorsed Candidates for Michigan House of Representatives:

Brian Banks (District 1), Bettie Cook Scott (District 2), Wendall Byrd (District 3), Rose Mary Robinson (District 4), Fred Durhall III (District 5), Stephanie Chang (District 6), LaTanya Garrett (District 7), Sherry Gay-Dagnogo (District 8), Gary Pollard (District 9), Leslie Love (District 10), Julie Plawecki (District 11), Erica Geiss (District 12), Frank Liberati (District 13), Jeffrey Chicoine (District 14), Robert Kosowski (District 16), Bill LaVoy (District 17), Kevin Hertel (District 18), Colleen Pobur (District 20), Kristy Pagan (District 21), John Chirkun (District 22), Dana Camphouse-Peterson (District 24), Henry Yanez (District 25), Jim Ellison (District 26), Robert Wittenberg (District 27), Patrick Green (District 28), Tim Greimel (District 29), Michael Notte (District 30), William J. Sowerby (District 31), Sheldon Neeley (District 34), Jeremy Moss (District 35), Christine Grieg (District 37), MIchael Stack (District 39), Nicole Bedi (District 40), Cyndi Peltonen (District 41), Tim Johnson (District 42), Pam Faris (District 48), Phil Phelps (District 49), Tim Sneller (District 50), Barb Fuller (District 52), Yousef Rahbi (District 53), Ronnie Peterson (District 54), Adam Zemke (District 55), Tom Redmond (District 56), Harvey Schmidt (District 57), Jon Hoadley (District 60), Jim Haadsma (District 62), Ronald Brooks (District 64), Bonnie Johnson (District 65), Annie Brown (District 66), Tom Cochran (District 67), Andy Schor (District 68), Sam Singh (District 69), Theresa Abed (District 71), David LaGrand (District 75), Winnie Brinks (District 76), Marletta Seats (District 79), Chuck Stadler (District 84), Lynn Mason (District 86), Tim Meyer (District 89), Collene Lamonte (District 91), Vanessa Guerra (District 95), Geoff Malicoat (District 98), Bryan Mielke (District 99), Dan Scripps (District 101), Erin Kieliszewski (District 106), Scott Celello (District 108), John Kivela (District 109), Scott Dianda (District 110)


Endorsed Candidate for Michigan Senate:

Ian Conyers (District 4)


Endorsed Candidates for U.S. House of Representatives

Dennis Murphy (District 2), Frank Accavitti Jr. (District 10), Dr. Anil Kumar (District 11)

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The Michigan AFL-CIO represents over one million active and retired union members across Michigan
Zack Pohl
Communications Director Michigan AFL-CIO
517-980-6190 (cell)